In the planning stages is a project that will be a second major priority of The Center. Women become single moms for a wide variety of reasons and at many different seasons of life. This project addresses relationship and practical issues of single moms. It encompasses our mission of CONNECTING women through service, enrichment, and support.

Are you (or have you ever been) a single mom?
Would you like to get together with others who share the same interests or needs?
How about –
Banking/budgeting workshops?
Girls’ nights out?
Why do I need a will?
Spa nights?
Basic auto maintenance?
What insurance do I need? Why?
Basic home maintenance?
Book clubs?
Service opportunities?
Your suggestions?

The Woman’s Discovery Center will provide space and develop programming/workshops/speakers based upon requests of participants.

Would you like to participate? Call Faye Cox at 870-219-2488 or leave a message on The Center phone in Jonesboro at 870-933-9939.